Invite God into the Past Year and Find Him in All Things

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We cannot move into a new season without properly marking what has passed.

The goal of reflecting on the past year is to hold up our lives to God’s light and present our whole selves to him. We often bring to God only the stuff that’s going on right now, or the stuff we want to see happen. But the present and the future are only two-thirds of our lives.

Inviting God into the past year—even the more distant past—is a way to find him in all things.

With this free download, we encourage you to take time to journal and write down your prayers and thoughts during the various phases of reflection. This prayerful inventory taking is the necessary setup for what comes next.

In their book, The Intentional Year, the Packiams share the prayer of reflection (The Examen) and the practices of rejoicing, repentance, and making. They also provide a list of questions to ask as you review the year.

Download “7 Questions to Ask as You Review the Past Year” today.

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