Bound to Be Free

The following article is an excerpt from Bound to Be Free: Escaping Performance to Be Capture by Grace by D.A. Horton .

Soon after my conversion to Christianity, I began laboring in the work of ministry…I convinced myself during my initial days of salvation that busyness equaled holiness. If I was idle, I was sinning and God was mad at me. Couple this belief with the theological teaching that you can sin your way out of salvation, and the result is an explosive concoction that prompts many to turn their backs on the church, Christianity (at least the version they’ve been exposed to), and ultimately God Himself…

My first step into brokenness was only the beginning of a six-year process God used to free me from the performance trap. During this time, God extended mercy to me in the form of a sabbatical from the pastorate. He began to provide rehab to my weary soul, showing me my lack of balance and how it tainted my assessment of His character. This slanted view of God was a prideful key inserted into my ignition of selfish ambition, fueling my actions to jump on the autobahn of a performance-driven life…

By the Holy Spirit’s empowering (Romans 8:9-13), you can walk in the freedom Christ has provided you with from sin and the encumbrances that weigh you down (Hebrews 12:1- 2). I’m convinced that once you begin to realize that God’s unfailing love is being poured out on you nonstop, you will naturally be compelled to proclaim the truth of the gospel to both saints and sinners. The fruit of your labor, when coupled with the supernatural work of God the Holy Spirit, will be made known through the disciples you raise up to enjoy the trap of God’s grace. Freedom in Christ from the performance trap comes with a responsibility: to invite others into a relationship with Him and walk into maturity together with those whom He saves.

It’s time to leave our striving for perfection behind. Let’s walk in a balanced relationship with Christ according to His Word, all the while enjoying the life everlasting He’s given to us upon regeneration.