Books in the Works

Books in the Works

Disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.

It’s an audacious undertaking that extends back to Jesus’ final words to his first followers. It’s a command that is also a gift: As we participate in God’s disciplemaking mission, we find our own connection to Christ deepening. NavPress authors are committed Christian thought leaders who help deepen our relationship with God through stories, encouragement, prophetic challenge, and empowering practice. The vision of discipleship and disciplemaking is in every book we publish. Together, we can be steadfast followers of Jesus as we join him in the joy of his work.

Meet some authors who are hard at work writing your next favorite book! Will you please join us in praying for these authors?

Check back with us as more upcoming titles are added to our list.

Ashlee Eiland recognizes that it’s natural to clash when standing up for our convictions. She offers pastoral insight into speaking confidently and graciously when we can’t stay silent.

About - Daniel Im

Daniel Im recognizes that the environment in which we minister and make disciples is always changing. He offers a resource to help Christian leaders shift their approach to discipleship and disciplemaking to the world in front of us.

Dieula Previlon | National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals

Dieula Previlon is a pastor, counselor, coach, and leader. She’s seen the impact of trauma on people’s ability to find their purpose and live it out. She’s writing to help hurting people find assurance that God sees them, knows them, loves them, and has a vision for their life.

Derwin Gray believes that evangelism is a natural expression of Christianity and an achievable practice for Christians. He’s writing for people who feel intimidated by the idea of evangelism, an easy onramp into a lifestyle of sharing good news.