Join Us on The Danger of Freezing: A Journey for Men

Join Us on The Danger of Freezing: A Journey for Men

Culture, family, friends, and education set many of our patterns and habits. By the time we reach age twenty-five, most patterns are set, altering only in minor ways in succeeding years.

That’s why this journey was created. All you need to do to participate is subscribe below, and five emails will be sent to your inbox over the course of five weeks with articles that will help you determine how flexible you are in your thinking:

– Your openness and responses to new ideas

– Your curiosity

– Your personality type

– Your prejudices, and finally

– The secret to true spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth

The goal is to see where you can thaw. Along the way, Dr. Jerry White, author of Dangers Men Face: Overcoming the Greatest Threats to Living Life Well, will share his own stories and encourage you through the ways that he has become unstuck and through the inspiration he has received from Scripture and from godly men.