Leading through Crisis: A Three-Part Journey

Leading through Crisis: A Three-Part Journey

What does crisis reveal about God—and ourselves?

Crisis is nothing new. Over the course of history, God’s people have found themselves in world-altering situations—global conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics, political unrest, financial meltdowns, etc. Each time, they found themselves asking similar questions: Is this the end? Can God still save us? Does God still care? What should we do? Join us for a sweeping, multifaceted look at the role of crisis in the life of faith. This assortment of honest and realistic reflections will help you navigate a world of crisis as a faithful Christ follower.

Part 1: “Survival Training” by Lee Eclov

Part 2: “Unafraid in Crisis” by Jo Anne Lyon

Part 3: “Rising from the Pew” by Catherine McNiel