Leading through Crisis: Learn to Navigate Crisis in a Way That Honors God

Leading through Crisis: Learn to Navigate Crisis in a Way That Honors God

When the Universe Cracks is a sweeping, multifaceted look at the role of crisis in the life of faith. Scholar and church leader Angie Ward facilitates an energizing and fascinating collection of essays from the front lines of evangelical faith and mission. This assortment of honest and realistic reflections will help you navigate a world of crisis as faithful Christ followers.

When the Universe Cracks gives readers a faith-based framework for understanding the complexities our world and the church faced after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. When we are hit by life’s disasters, it can be tempting to view our suffering as something to avoid or defeat. Instead, the book’s authors encourage us to view disasters with Kingdom vision. Through the framework of the gospel, we can most fully process our pain, lament (alone and with others), serve those in need, and heal from trauma. As someone who studies disasters and has also lived through Hurricane Katrina and my own cancer diagnosis, I highly recommend this book.”

– Jamie Aten, PhD, founder and codirector of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College


“We are sorting out our lives amid unprecedented disruption, loss, and crisis—a true crack-in-the-universe moment. With much wisdom, global experience, passion for the goodness of God, and a love for Christ’s Kingdom, the fine leaders in this compendium guide us through this perilous landscape. Use this book as a guide to the Kingdom conversations we must have to be moved forward into God’s future.”

– David Fitch, R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary


“To live in a fallen world is to live in a world full of crises. Although we live with that truth, it is still difficult to live into that reality. To help lean into the pain and discomfort of living in a cracked universe, Angie Ward assembled a diverse team to speak to the issue of living—not just surviving—as God’s people in times of crisis. My hope is that God will use this project to help people understand, process, and faithfully proceed from whatever crisis they face now or may face in the future.”

– Ed Stetzer, executive director of Wheaton College Billy Graham Center