Giving You the Tools to Get to God

Giving You the Tools to Get to God

“In a world full of shifting opinions, where everything seems relative and nothing seems steady, we need truth we can rely on.”

—Nicole Unice 

Get over the hurdles that keep you from reading the Bible for yourself.

Help! My Bible Is Alive! is a 30-day challenge designed to build the skills and habits you need to understand the Bible and experience God through his Word.

Through daily lessons learn:

Part 1: Why You Need Your Bible

Part 2: Understanding What the Bible Is Actually Saying

Part 3: Investigating the Backstory

Part 4: Moving to What Matters

Part 5: Getting Personal

Part 6: Weaving It Together

You’ll experience the Alive Method across all five forms of writing found in the Bible from parables, to poetry, to narratives, to ancient letters, to wisdom literature.

In Help! My Bible Is Alive!, author Nicole Unice is your personal coach, walking you through the tools and techniques to engage deeply with God. In addition to the book, you can opt-in to receive text messages of encouragement, weekly rewards to mark your progress, and videos to supplement many of the lessons.

Want to walk your small group through the 30-day challenge? We’ve created a guide especially for you. Download the Small Group Guide >>

Make the commitment today to learn to love and understand God’s Word.