Journey to Love: An 8-Day Devotion

Journey to Love: An 8-Day Devotion

Do you want more love in your life?

We live in a culture where people are lonelier than ever and fearing that they might not ever be truly known by others. But there is hope! Start your Journey to Love to learn how to accept love from others and how to better love those around you.

Explore insightful readings and videos that will help you learn how to open yourself up to experiencing love, become more aware of love in the world around you, and learn to set aside control and safety to embrace the vulnerability necessary for loving and being loved.

Day 1: Worthy of Love

Day 2: How to Recognize Love

Day 3: Love Is Not Peace

Day 4: The Power of Hope

Day 5: Confronting Pride

Day 6: Could Love Be Something More?

Day 7: Love as Activism

Day 8: Thankfulness